Discussion: Let’s Talk About The Trade Deadline

Alrighty ladies and gentleman, the trade deadline is just hours away and you know what that means… To put in bluntly, the league is gonna look a whole lot different than it did just 24 short hours ago. To be honest, it already has had a slight makeover in the last few days with Stroman going to the Mets, Bauer to the Reds, and Puig to the Indians.  

Even though that there is bound to be more big-name deals occur as we approach the trade-deadline with each passing hour, I want to stray away from trade talk and that conversation in general. Sure it’s fun to speculate who’s selling and who’s buying, or to hope and pray your team lands an all-star who can push your team to a World Series title. But today, it’s time we discuss something that in my opinion is almost as equally important as the players being traded themselves. 

I’m talking about you, me, and all the other baseball fans alike across the country. But not just casual fans that can’t name 3 players off their hometown team, I’m talking about the ones on the internet that say things like…

“we should just sell big cause [insert struggling player] hasn’t done anything for us at all. Hell, I could hit a ball better than he could rn”

“f#*$ the [insert struggling team]. I cant believe this team and cant even watch them anymore lol hahaha. 

“Is COdDy BeLlIngEr oN tHE MarKeT??”

Even though those EXACT things probably weren’t said, you know exactly the type of people who I am talking about.

These are the types of baseball fans that make me want to absolutely pull my hair out, and are relentlessly negative about what’s going on with their team.  Toxic fans exist in the midst of every MLB team, but they are more present than ever with teams that are within shouting distance of a wild-card spot. Why specifically these teams? Well, it’s because the fans of these baseball clubs are practically foaming at the mouth for some type of playoff action. Everyone wants to see their team succeed don’t get me wrong, but here’s why these types of people are the worst. 

It comes down to one of two things, they are used to seeing their team play October baseball and can’t stand seeing them miss the postseason, or they are desperate to see their team in the playoffs for the first time in years—possibly decades. These super-fans are commonly found in the bowels of Twitter, verbally dishing out blows to MLB beat-writers to try and prove some obscure and illogical point. More often than not, they aren’t replied to, but sometimes if you strike the right chord with someone, they can snap; And let me tell you, it’s typically not pretty when you mess with any established baseball journalist.

I could go on about what these types of people say, what this does for the league, or how terrible these people are. But instead, I just want this short article to serve as a reminder to you and every other baseball fan out there:

Don’t let the trade deadline effect your view on your favorite baseball team. 

Baseball is a business after all, and even if you lose 2,3,4, or even 5 of your favorite players over the course of a few weeks, know that every team is out trying to win baseball games, not lose them. There is not a single team intentionally trying piss off its fanbase, and I think that everyone would benefit from a deep breath, a glass of water, and a little perspective on how baseball is always going to be an evolving and ever-changing sport—whether you like it or not.

Image by David Prasad is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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