Tooting Our Own Horn – We Made A Top 100 List

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Hello wonderful readers of Diamond Dialogue, thanks a bunch for reading our content and following us up to this point. I truly have been enjoying every bit of covering the sport of baseball and all of its fun and exciting stories being produced throughout the season.

To the less than 20 followers we have accrued up to this point, thank you so much for being the very first of a vast amount of people that will soon make up this baseball community. With our very short list of people seeing this blog, we think its fitting to let those of you know that we are in fact GROWING! 

We are proud to say we have just partnered with the Double Play Podcast and are shooting to partner with the 2 more organizations within the next couple of weeks! Double Play Podcast is hosted by Camden Pomeroy and Harrison Mansfield and they cover pretty much every sports topic imaginable, along with some awesome baseball content. Give them a listen by clicking here!

Anyways, we want to get our viewers some exclusive deals on baseball products and more premier MLB content, and generating these partnerships is exactly how we are going to bring that to you.

Diamond Dialogue has also been ranked as the 79th best baseball blog on the internet and we have also been followed by the Fayetteville Woodpeckers—the Class-A affiliate of the Houston Astros. These two facts are pretty dang cool, but we aren’t even started yet.

Stay tuned for more content from us and follow us on Twitter for more daily content!

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