The MLB Rookie Problem: Part One

Vladdy Jr. Bo Bichette. Fernando Tatis Jr. Pete Alonso. Yordan Alvarez. The list of superstar rookies this season is seemingly endless and stocked full of incredible baseball players. I cannot imagine how the MLB is going to determine the Rookie Of The Year in either league because of just how much talent is currently on In all my years of watching baseball, this rookie class has been absolutely special and probably one of the most memorable ones I can remember. 

According to Baseball Reference, there are currently 13 rookies with a bWAR over 2.0 on the season thus far. Five of those 13 are in their first year in the majors and that list alone is full of guys that you have probably heard of…

  • Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • Pete Alonso
  • Bryan Reynolds
  • Yordan Alvarez
  • Chris Paddack

This list, albeit impressive, does not even begin to showcase the practically overwhelming amount of stupidly talented first-year players in the league. I mean seriously, just look at how many talented guys are featured on this incredible picture from Cut4.

I think it’s well worth our time to really delve into some of the future superstars that we might all be taking for granted right now. If we’re being honest, major league baseball at this point is practically expecting something incredible to happen every day with the dozens of MLB rookie sensations in the league. This is pretty much due to the fact that these kids are huge engagement pieces when it comes to social media. 

Everyone likes seeing a fresh new face dominate on the field. It’s incredibly exciting to see tons of these players showcase their talent day in and day out—and it makes playing out Rookie of the Year situations much more fun too with the increased competition. So here are some of the top rookies that you may or not be aware of that you should definitely be paying attention to over the next several years…

Michael Chavis

The Ice Horse himself has been one of the more flaunted rookies earlier in the 2019 season. Chavis’ call-up on 4/20 (nice) was welcomed with open arms since the Red Sox started an abysmal 6-13 on the year. The defending World Series Champs were looking for any type of hope and they found it with Chavis.

Fast forward to May 4th and Chavis was batting .354 with a 1.236 slugging percentage, and the Red Sox had taken 9 of the 14 games Chavis had played in. Hope had been semi-restored, and Boston fans were all in on the now 24-year-old rookie. Since that point, Chavis has cooled off to just a .688 OPS over his last 80 games and has only 5 hits in his last 32 at bats. The poor Red Sox are looking like they aren’t even going to muster up a run at a wild card spot, however the success Chavis experienced earlier in the year is something the New England faithful have something to look forward to.

Aristides Aquino

Alright for those of you that have not watched this, just take a look at the magic that unfolded the other night…

In just 10 games, Aquino has SEVEN home runs. Do you wanna know who doesn’t have 7 home runs? Uh, Travis Shaw, Stephen Vogt, and Melky Cabrera just to name a few. Aquino is going to be a problem for the NL Central for a long time coming…

Aquino also somehow already has a bWAR of 0.9 in just 31 at bats this year. Seriously… I don’t think you could ask for a hotter start, or even get a hotter start from another rookie.

Update: He hit another home run yesterday…

Bo Bichette

I stand corrected. Bo Bichette is a freaking machine. He’s not a walking Kent Murphy like Aquino is, but he is a guy who consistently is moving himself around the base paths. 

Bo Bichette had a nine game extra-base hit streak starting on only his third game in the majors and managed to rack up a .415 batting average, 6 runs, and a 1.381 slugging percentage over that time frame. Now comboed up with the infamous Guerrero Jr, The Blue Jays rebuilding era is now starting to make the AL East a little more interesting.

Stay tuned for The MLB Rookie Problem: Part Two dropping tomorrow, here on Diamond Dialogue

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