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A Brief Introduction

Hello there, baseball guys and gals.

I am happy to say that after countless years of swearing at my TV every time the Rangers lose a 3-game series in Arlington, I can now freely post all of my unfiltered baseball thoughts & feelings on this site.

And to be quite honest, I think my commentary is pretty relevant, dare I say, needed in today’s day and age. 

Let’s be real for a hot sec, MLB has a fairly tight grasp on how much creators can use in regards to their content. And to be honest, I can’t really blame them. Attention spans are getting lower, and the amount of people that are actually engaged with the sport is at an all time low.

As of last year, only 9% of people in a national Gallup poll conducted said that baseball is their favorite sport…

Now I might be biased, but how the hell is that number so low?! Baseball fans and their moms know that the balls since 2017 have been juiced. You can’t go a single day without seeing someone in the league blasting a moonshot at least 415 feet into the sky. Unless fans alike hate seeing athletes smack balls into the stratosphere, 9% seems like an almost surreal metric.

Ronald Acuna hits an absolute TANK against the Braves on May 19th

Content & The MLB

So, back to the firm hand MLB has on their content… Like I said, I don’t really blame them for keeping things running under a tight ship. At least they aren’t the NFL where they will hunt you down after posting a Gronk highlight to your 14 subscriber Youtube account. But the NFL and their content policy is its own separate subject. The fact of the matter is that Major League Baseball is slowly bleeding fans from all across the country because of its lack of staying relevant with their younger fan base.

Being an organized sport literally before the civil war even happened means that your fan base, for well over a century has been very old, for a very long time. Hence this game being dubbed, “our nation’s pastime”. The beautiful thing about that very fact though, is how little the game’s core fundamentals have changed over the past 150+ years. If you somehow asked my Great-Great-Great Grandpappy how many strikes it takes to get a hitter out, he would without a doubt say, “three.”

Take a look at this passage from Time Magazine about the average age of baseball fans in just a 16 year sample size…

The average age of those who watch nationally televised Major League Baseball games rose from 52 years old in 2000 to 57 in 2016. (The average age of [NBA] viewers is around 42.) Asked in one survey whether they followed baseball or not, nearly two-thirds of those from 18 through 35 said no.

That group of 18 to 35 year olds contains yours truly, and I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that the solution to this issue is NOT implementing a 3-batter-minimum for pitchers.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The best thing in my opinion is for the MLB to do a little research into what can get more young people engaged with baseball. If that’s getting more professional teams to be involved with their respective communities, cool. If it’s getting more MLB owned social media accounts to engage with their fanbase, cool. If it’s doing a collaboration with Fortnite, I mean, why not?

I am all for getting more kids, teens, and young adults becoming more enamored with the art of how this game works. To me, there is nothing more therapeutic than watching a 3 and a 1/2 hour game and see two aces strategically duke it out, pitch after pitch. If the league can persuade more people my age to adopt that same appreciation, I think we should be able to see this average age of baseball fans begin to dwindle down.

So, What’s Diamond Dialogue?

Think of this website, as an all inclusive pass to how the modern day baseball fan perceives this sport. I might be biased towards the Texas Rangers, but for the most part, I enjoy this game enough to know that every single person that’s in the bigs right now is a total badass.

If you can throw gas, blast tanks, or turn-two in front of tens of thousands of people with millions watching on TV, you have my respect and appreciation.

For now, I plan on posting pretty regularly about anything going on in the league that I find particularly interesting or in need of commentary. If you like what you’re reading, drop me a link to whichever post you like. And if you have any suggestions for me to write about, I will happily take anything into consideration.

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