The First Taste of Greinke

When 3pm CST struck on clocks around the MLB, most people were surprised at the lack of blockbuster moves made within the sport. Although there had been some notable trades so far in the likes of Bauer, Puig, and Stroman to name a few, no huge trades were completed for a majority of the biggest postseason contenders. 

Until the Astros dropped an absolute bombshell…

That’s right, the stupidly good Houston pitching rotation was bolstered yet again by the acquisition of another future hall-of-fame pitcher in Zack Greinke. Just a few years back, the Astros acquired Justin Verlander at the deadline to push themselves to the World Series, and it’s clear the Greinke trade is an attempt to do the exact same thing. Whether you like him or not, Astros GM, Jeff Luhnow once again proved that he wholeheartedly wants his team to bring another title to Houston, by any means necessary.

So what does the addition of Greinke do for the already stacked Astros lineup? Well for one thing, it’s created one of the highest combined starter ERA+’s since the 1900’s. It’s also vaulted them to be the favorite to win the World Series once again, and it’s also made the AL West an absolutely impossible division to win until at least 2021. 

It gets to be very depressing when watching division rivals play Houston at home because Minute-Maid Park might as well be a slaughterhouse for visiting teams. Houston is 42-15 at home and with the acquisition of Greinke, it’s a pretty safe bet to think the Astros won’t lose more than 7 games the rest of the season at home.

Zack Greinke ended up having a pretty okay-ish first start with the Astros where he gave up 5 runs and yet, still managed to get the win. Probably not the start that Houston was hoping for, but regardless, it doesn’t make the starting rotation for the ‘Stros any less incredible. 

Time will tell if Houston becomes immortalized for the second time in the last 3 years, but one thing remains certain over the rest of the 2019 regular season. We might be in the midst of the statistically best rotation in the history of baseball. 

Image by Ian D’Andrea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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