Want Us To Write For You?

Whether you need someone to write for your own blog, want to link for some SEO, or need any digital content in general, let’s partner today and make some magic happen.


If you are butting heads with Facebook or Google Ads, stop your struggles today. Inexpensive and quality ad solutions have never been easier with your friends here at Diamond Dialogue.

Organic Content

Blog posts and relevant content are the key to your website ranking higher and keeping your audience engaged. If you're looking for a writer with some confidence, you're on the right page.

Social Media

Let's face it, social media is always changing and interacting with your audience on the daily is hard. If you need ideas for content, posts, or help with scheduling, we have the software and the skills to help.

Common Questions

We have answers to what you're probably wondering. Keep scrolling and find your question below.

We keep things pretty simple for the most part. We keep custom posts at a flat fee of $30 with an additional $2 fee for every 100 words after 500. 

With advertising and social, we go on a case by case basis and want to work with your budget and preferences above all things.

No, I have written content for local businesses, car dealerships, and digital agencies in the past. I would think that I have a pretty good idea on how to write content, no matter the topic.

Everything I have to offer should not take more than 48 hours to complete. Whether its a blog post, week/month worth of social content, or general ad copy, I’ll be sure to communicate how much time I will need up front. 

The Texas Rangers. Next question please.

Twitter, Facebook, and if you would like me to, Instagram as well. 

Each has their own unique way of functioning, which means they have their own way of strategizing for too. I am happy to work with any of those platforms though if it brings you more success.

As much as you want. If you need blogs for a year, I got your back.

I’m all about helping and growing with people so the more you need, the more I can assist.

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