Angel Hernandez Is Bad According To… Everyone.

Angel Hernandez

Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles July 13, 2013

Another day in major league baseball, another day where Angel Hernandez was somehow chosen to call balls and strikes in a professional baseball game. This wasn’t just any game either, it was one that had a lot of people watching two very good 2019 teams. 

Both the Red Sox and Rangers are fighting for a wild card spot and the previous game held at Fenway was close all the way into the 11th inning. This series between both ball clubs already has some, dare I say, postseason implications to it. Yes, I know that it’s only June, but by this point, its obvious that the Rangers have a pretty great baseball team on their hands, as do the Red Sox. I digress.

My question after setting the scene up a bit still remains; Why the hell would you choose the worst umpire in major league baseball to call this game? Because everyone likes a little bit of drama, right? Well fortunately enough, there was a ton of that courtesy of the one and only Angel Hernandez.

Everyone Gets Thrown Out

If you did not watch the Red Sox game from last night, then you actually missed some pretty interesting plays. Hunter Pence had probably the easiest inside-the-park home run in the history of baseball, Rafael Devers had a really nice triple, oh and both managers got thrown out of the game within an inning’s worth of baseball. 

That’s right. Both skippers were thrown out of a game that was fairly one-sided from about the 5th inning onwards. This was the first time both managers were ejected in 2019. 

To make a long story short, Andrew Benintendi was the first to get tossed because he shouted at Hernandez, “you suck” from well over 100 feet away after grounding out to short. Alex Cora rightfully defended his player and consequentially got tossed shortly after. To make things even more interesting, Chris Woodward was ejected just a few minutes later in the top half of the next inning. 

Asdrubal Cabrera was sliding in to 2nd and was ruled safe then immediately out by the 2nd base umpire. Kinda confusing to switch your call within half of a second but it is what it is. Naturally, this prompted Woodward to challenge the play and Hernandez very promptly said that time had expired and the Rangers could not challenge the call outright. Woodward became furious, got tossed by Hernandez, and the rest is history.

Quick shoutout to one of my favorite Twitter accounts @Jomboy_ and his brilliant breakdowns of crazy shit that goes down in baseball. Here’s his immaculate run-through of the Cora and Benintendi ejections from last night:

Same Old Song And Dance

This is not the first time Hernandez game calling abilities have been put in question this year. He completely blew several easy calls in a Blue Jays/Yankees game earlier this season that ensued a multitude of clever, salty and warranted tweets.

To give some analytical data to back this up, here is a paragraph that should maybe give a little insight onto how poor of a performance Angel has on average each game:

“On April 8, 2019, Boston University published a study on 11 seasons of Major League Baseball data, almost 4 million pitches culled and analyzed, to determine the accuracy of balls and strikes called. The study found that Hernández performed stronger in 2018 than his average for 2008-2018. He averaged 19 incorrect calls a game, or 2.2 per inning… During Spring training 2019, Hernández claimed he gets four wrong calls per game.The BU study shows that his error rate is almost five times higher.”

To be completely fair, Hernandez was not in the bottom 10 umpires in 2018, based on BCR (bad-call ratio). However, that doesn’t mean that his poor judgement calls aren’t better than other umpires. Even though Hernandez might miss less calls than Joe West for example, Hernandez could miss a call so badly that it immediately calls into question his officiating skills.

Case in point.

I don’t want to make this article just about me shitting on Angel Hernandez. So instead, here are a ton of other people who I think will solidify whatever opinion you do have of him.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone. It’s gonna be a long while before we see the last of Angel Hernandez.

Image by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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