4 Insane Padres Vs. Rockies Facts From Their Wild 4-Game Series

Charlie Blackmon

If there was ever a time to be a Rockies or Padres fan, this weekend was it. Anyone from this point forward in life who says, “baseball is boring” just needs to see the Padres highlights from this series. I would bet money that said person would get at least some form of amusement from the stupidity that occurred Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Yes, I realize that there was a fourth game in this series back on Thursday. However, the Rockies 9-6 win that day does not compare to the insanity that went down the following 3 days. 

For the few who are not aware of the dick-measuring contest that went down at Coors Field, let me throw 4 numbers your way that may just give you a little insight to what went down in the Mile-High City.

4.24 to 4.62

Those 2 numbers represent the TEAM ERA of the Padres the night before their series with the Rockies, and the night after they split the series. That is a jump from 12th to 19th in less than a week. 

I can definitely see this number rising this significantly early in a season after a bad game or two. But I would NEVER expect this drastic increase once a team eclipses over 600 innings pitched for the year. For further context, this series is only a 5.55% sample size of the Padres season thus far. That means that roughly 6% of the entire Padres’ season attributed to that drastic rise in ERA.


That number is Charlie Blackmon’s current batting average. Blackmon is currently tied for third in the majors in batting average behind Yelich and Bellinger. If you asked me 5 days ago where Blackmon was ranked for batting average, I would’ve said something in the high-teens… You aren’t reading that wrong by the way. Blackmon did in fact bump his batting average 31 points from .305 to where it is right now at .336.

Charlie Blackmon had an astounding series where he recorded 15 hits, (!!!) a billion home runs, and completely solidified his case for winning player of the week in the NL. I don’t think there has ever been a player hotter than Charlie Blackmon in the history of baseball quite honestly. We are legit talking about a nearly .600 batting average in a weeks worth of AB’s… That is STUPID good and a HOF worthy performance in it of itself. 

15 And 0.11%

That first number is the amount of runs the Padres scored in the NINTH inning or later in their two come-from behind victories. The second, is the chance they had at winning down 6 runs in the ninth. In the first game they won, the Padres came back from literally nothing, losing 5-11 in the top of the ninth, they tacked on 6 that inning and then 5 in the 12th to cap off their ridiculous 16-12 win. 

Two nights later, the Padres scored 4 in the ninth to end up winning 14-13 via another dramatic comeback. In this game, the Padres in the ninth had a 0.92% chance of winning… and they did.

Both teams broke the record for how many runs were scored in a four-game series by recording a combined 92 runs. The 44 runs scored by the Padres were the most they have ever scored in a series, and the 48 by the Rockies was surprisingly only their 3rd highest total in the entirety of their existence. Either way, this was a series for the literal record books. I wish I was able to enjoy this as much as the fans did that watched these games beginning to end. 

Be thankful if you got the chance to be a part and watch this series. Because according to history, this series was truly, once-in-a-lifetime. 

Image by Ian D’Andrea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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