3 Random Baseball Facts You Need To Know

It is Wednesday my dudes. Which also means its been like a week since I posted a blog, (oops). So I figured I would just throw up a few baseball facts that were floating around the Twitter-sphere that you might enjoy this afternoon.

The Average Minor Leaguer Essentially Makes Minimum Wage

I live in Texas where the minimum wage is the federally set amount of $7.25 an hour. If you take that number and multiply it by 40 (full time hours per week) and then again by 4 (for weekly pay periods) you get a grand total before tax of, $1,160.

The average minor league baseball player makes $1100 dollars a month.

This has been an issue with minor league baseball for a longer time than you might think. The amount they pay their players is absolutely ridiculous. The best of the best baseball players don’t deserve to be under the freaking poverty line—nobody does for that matter. So congrats if you just got hired for a new job at Sonic the other day, you were making more than Vlad Jr. was when he was in A-ball.

Jose Ramirez Has Been Booty

Over the course of the season, the two-time all-star and 2018 MVP candidate has only been hitting to the tune of a .638 OPS. Even more upsetting, Ramirez only has a 0.4 WAR. That is worse than Dylan Bundy (9 losses), Delino Deshields (sent to AAA), or Jordan Yamamoto (only has made 3 starts in career).

Despite the trash season, the Indians are very much in the running for a wild-card spot and hopefully the dazzling 26-year old can pull a 180 and turn his disappointing season around. 

Zack Greinke Is Hitting .306/.342/.667

13.66 AB/HR

1.009 OPS

0.9 oWAR

Shall I say more? 

Hope you found some fun baseball facts/knowledge/whatever you want to call it in that mess of information. Huge thanks to Jeremy Frank and Eric Sim for providing awesome stats and insight on the daily and being the inspiration for this specific post. 

Image by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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