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Thank you for visiting and checking out Diamond Dialogue –the new unabridged source for MLB news, baseball stories and all the baseball related content you could ask for! Diamond Dialogue was made by a baseball fan, for baseball fans. No statisticians, no paid subscriptions, and no rhyme or reason to what is posted here on the site. 

First and foremost, this isn’t just another baseball blog on the internet. The opinions shared on here are more often than not, fueled by the bias for certain players and teams over others. Whether you agree with what’s posted on here or not, commentary is always welcome. MLB news more often than not yields away from personal bias as to not upset any fanbases anyways. But thankfully with Diamond Dialogue, there’s no filter or need to censor your love for baseball here. 

It’s our duty as baseball loving humans to enjoy and say how we feel about the most exciting sport on the planet. Passion is what drives our Nation’s pastime to new heights and is why this baseball blog was made in the first place.

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MLB hats at

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2019 MLB Spring Training Gear
2019 MLB Spring Training Gear

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